Otis Rush : 29 SEP. 2018

Otis Rush ( Born; April 29, 1935, Neshoba county Mississippi ) passed away due to complications from a stroke which he initially suffered in 2003. He was 83.

CeDell Davis : 27 SEP. 2017

CeDell Davis ( Born; June 9, 1927, Helena Arkansas ) fallen by heart attack and hospitalized since 24 SEP. died at Hotsprings, Arkansas. He was 91.

Lonnie Brooks : 1 APR. 2017

Lee Baker Jr. ( Born; 18 DEC. 1933, Dubuisson, Louisiana ) died in Chicago, Illinois. He was 83.

L. C. Ulmar : 14 FEB. 2016

Lee Chester Ulmar ( Born; August 28, 1928, one-man-band style delta blues ) died of natural causes at his home in Ellisville, Mississippi. He was eighty seven.

B.B.King : 14 MAY. 2015

Riley Ben King ( Born; September 16, 1925 ) died from diabetes complications in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was eighty nine.

Rickie : 23 AUG. 2014

Rikio "Rickie" Tsuchiya, a unique talent of cookings make people happy.
And funky musician who never stopped smoking and booze...
My personal friend of TOKYO, he always treat me as real brothers...
The casual singer, smooth guitarist and funky bassist Rickie was the be-loved chef...
Farewell Rickie, I never forget you!

T-Model Ford : 16 Jul. 2013

James Lewis Carter "T-Model" Ford, a hard-living blues singer who taught himself to play guitar when he was 58 years old and his fifth wife left him, died Tuesday( 16 Jul. 2013 ) at his home in Greenville, Miss. He was 94( Alt. 89? ). Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson told The Associated Press that Ford had been under hospice care and died of respiratory failure shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday. She said he was at home with several relatives, including his wife, Estella Ford.

Bobby Bland : 23 Jun. 2013

He was died in his home of Germantown, Tenn. 23 June 2013. he was 83 years old.

Jimmy Dawkins : 10 Apr. 2013

James Henry "Jimmy" Dawkins ( Born: October 24, 1936 )was died 10 April 2013. He was 73.

Morris Holt( a.k.a. Magic Slim ) : 21 Feb. 2013

Slim died at a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 21, 2013 at age 75. He had health problems that had worsened while he was on tour several weeks earlier.
His manager had stated bleeding ulcers had sent Slim to the hospital, but that he also suffered from heart, lung and kidney problems.

Eddie Burns : 12 Dec. 2012

Longtime Detroit blues musician Eddie Burns passed away Wednesday at the age of 84.

Michael Burks : 7 May 2012

Michael "Iron Man" Burks, the celebrated Arkansas blues master who’s attacking style was one of the most powerful in the industry, has passed. It was reported that Burks collapsed in the Atlanta airport on his way back from Italy. He was 54 years old.

Jamesetta Hawkins : 20 Jan. 2012

She's gone, forever...

Hubert Sumlin : 4 Dec. 2011

The Living Legend, Mr. Hubert Sumlin died of heart failure in hospital in New Jersey. 4th December of 2011.

David "Honey Boy" Edwards :

David "Honey Boy" Edwards is died of congestive heart failure at his apartment in Chicago.

He was born in Shaw, Mississippi 28 June 1915. In 1970"s, he was visited Aomori city for the concert with other bluesmen. But then the city was not the "Blues city" yet...

Lacy Gibson : 11 Apr. 2011

Born 1 May. 1936 in Salisbury, North Carolina, died 11 Aprill,2011 because of a heart attack. Well known as a good accompaniments for other bluesmen's recordings by his guitar.

Pinetop Perkins : 21 Mar. 2011

Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins ( born in Belzoni, Mississippi 1913 ) passed away on Monday, 21 March 2011 at his home in Austin, Texas.

Phillip Walker : 22 Jul. 2010

Died at 22 July, he was 73. Phillip Walker died of heart failure at his home near Los Angeles.

Calvin Leavy : 8 Jun. 2010

Calvin Leavy, died in Jail, 8 June 2010.

he was 70 years old...

Walter Horn Jr. : 14 Apr. 2010

Known as Mississippi Slim, died after massive heart atack 14 April, 2010.

He was born 13 August 1943 in Shelby and moved to Greenville, Mississippi. Late '60, he went Chicago and started blues career.

Wilroy Sanders : 16 Feb. 2010

The owner of the Green's Lounge, South Memphis, and the band leader of the Fieldstones, Wilroy Sanders died 16 Feb. by the cancer of lung. He was 76... He was buried at Forest Hill-Irene 25 Feb.

Nick Holt : 22 Jun. 2009

The brother of wellknown bluesman Morris Holt ( a.k.a. Magic Slim ), joined his "the Teardrops" as bassist 1965, died in Lincoln, Nebraska 22 June because of canser of brain.
he was 69.

Koko Taylor : 3 Jun. 2009

Died last Wednesday June 3, 2009.

Eddie Bo : 24 Mar. 2009

Edwin Joseph Bocage, known as Eddie Bo. New Orleans blues singer-pianist had a "sudden, massive heart attack" while out of town Wednesday.

Lester Davenport : 17 Mar. 2009

Once he was blues-harp player behind Bo Didley, and drummer of Junior Wells and Howlin' Wolf.

He called himself as a "Mad Dog". Delmark recording artist died of prostate cancer on March 17.2009.

Willie King : 8 Mar. 2009

Alabama Blues musician Willie King passed away near his home in Old Memphis, Alabama, following a massive heart attack.

John Cephas : 4 Mar. 2009

Blues guitarist and vocalist, Alligator recording artist John Cephas died of natural causes on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. He was 78.

Vernon "Chico" Banks : 3 Dec. 2008

Vernon "Chico" Banks was the guitarist and bassist on album BACK IN CHICAGO 1997 by Freddie Roulette ( HI HORSE 4044 ). the son of Jesse Banks of the Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Born in Chicago in 1962. Died in Chicago 3 Dec. 2008

Phillips Guy : 20 Aug. 2008

20 AUG. 2008, Wednesday morning, younger brother of Buddy Guy, Phillips died at Saint James Hospital in Chicago by complications from prostate cancer.

Buddy Guy back to Chicago from the tour...

Bo Diddley : 2 Jun/ 2008

Ellas Otha Bates, as known as "Bo Diddley" suffered a stroke at 12 May 2007, after the show of Council Bluffs, Iowa. And admitted to Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. In November 2007, he backed to his home town of McComb, Mississippi. But he died of heart failure on 2 June 2008, 01:45 at his own home in Archer, Florida.
He was 79.

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